“A Transiberian Ski Story”, the ski touring web series by Ride N’ Roses



Laura, a former member of the French telemark skiing team, and Romy, a former downhill skiing and free ride competitor, have moved away from beaten tracks this time as they headed to Siberia to shoot three refreshing episodes that break from usual routine. Obviously they made sure they’d come back with images captured with the Action Cam of their TREKKER-X4 smartphone, even in temperatures nearing -40°C ! Check out « A Trans-Siberian Skiing Story » right now!


Certainly one of the most thrilling episodes of Ride N’ Roses from this season! And what ’s better than the «skiing paradise » at Lake Baikal in Siberia, for a great ending?


Destination: Sheregesh on the second stage of this Trans-Siberian journey. While the biggest Russian station reminds us of Courchevel and bikini-ski-like American spring breaks, what really impressed our free riders is actually « cat-skiing ».Check out this episode to find out more about this special discipline, and no, it’s nothing to do with ski-jeering with a cat!


In this first episode of the season, Ride n’ Roses make a stop in Lujba. A big riding session at -40°C in the Siberian forests is on the agenda, where snow is the only queen!


For this third 100%-women, 100%-riding season, the Ride n’ Roses are putting their ski skins back on to take us on a skiing trip to Siberia!
Check out the teaser of another amazing season.



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