CROSSCALL unveils its new colours

To coincide with launch of the CROSSCALL Class40 monohull, the French mobile brand has unveiled a sleek new look. Developed in collaboration with the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, the new brand identity focuses on two key aspects of Crosscall’s DNA: difference and durability.

A new logo reflecting its strategic development

By designing ultra-resistant products, Crosscall has always placed durability at the heart of its brand ideals. The approach has been further strengthened by the introduction of an innovative three-year warranty on all products from the latest CORE range, for which the brand achieved the market’s highest score in the French repairability index, initiated in January 2021. For its new logo, the brand has therefore decided to keep the famous “C”, splitting it into two to mark the two key points that characterise it: difference and durability.

The idea of difference has always appealed to Crosscall customers and users. The horizontal space that splits the logo into two therefore evokes the idea of “carving a path” in a new and different way.

The durability is found in the two sections of the new logo, designed to represent the virtuous circle of the circular economy, a new strategic focus for the brand.

A new identity for ambitious projects

The logo now comes in all black or all white, but the brand will highlight its B2C products with a touch of lime for a more disruptive feel, and will keep red for its B2B ranges.

As a founder of outdoor mobile technology, Crosscall has always been keen to cultivate its love of the great outdoors. The forest, mountains, ocean and land will now be an inherent part of its branding, symbolising Crosscall users’ natural habitat and surroundings of choice, and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Through its new signature, “THIS IS HOW WE LIVE”, Crosscall confirms its brand philosophy, that of cultivating your difference and following your own path. This powerful sentiment will guide all of the Aix company’s communications from this point on.

A 360° campaign to spread the word

This strong new identity will be featured for the very first time in a 360° campaign entitled “Here to Last”. The campaign has been carefully crafted in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi to show that sustainability has always been at the heart of Crosscall’s philosophy and approach. See the campaign film created by Transfuges.

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