TREKKER-X3: charging your phone is getting easier


Battery life is an essential point to evolve without constraints in outdoor. CROSSCALL equipped the last TREKKER-X3 with a battery of 3500mAh and optimized the whole charging circuit for a better longlasting battery. Check out the latest novelties.


The packaging of the TREKKER-X3 turns into a new system of wireless charging mode.

How does it work ?

  • Connect the USB-C cable in the back of the box
  • Set your TREKKER-X3 on the imprint of the packaging to start the wireless charging
  • Charging may need up to 5 seconds to start
  • Use only CROSSCALL-approved chargers
  • Average complete charge time : 5 hours

You can download / print the user manuel here


Thanks to a Quick Charge system the battery of your TREKKER-X3 will be charged to 80% in just under an hour. The POWERFLOW 24W QUICKCHARGE 3.0 charger provided in the box, is one of the most powerful chargers of the market. With 31 hours’ talk time, 9h when GPS is activated and 20 days’ standby time, you won’t find anything as powerful on other smartphones.
CROSSCALL optimized all the load circuit to avoid the energy losses and create an outdoor smartphone with an exceptionnal long-lasting battery.