Zrak, zemlja, voda, sneg…Ambasadorji CROSSCALL kažejo svoje talente v vseh pogojih in združujejo vrednote, ki odlikujejo znamko: vztrajnost, trdnost, zabava in ljubezen do aktivnosti na prostem.


Mike Horn


Caroline Angibaud

Stand Up Paddle

Xavier De Le Rue

Snowboard freeride

Aurélien Ducroz

Freeride skiing

Jeff Mercier


Nicolas Dubreuil


Cédric Gracia

Mountain bike

Jordi Tosas


Laetitia Roux

Ski mountaineering

Ride N' Roses

Freeride / Free Hiking


Lucy Paltz – Mountain bike, snowboard
Ahstudio – Video production
Tangui Audern – Sail
Mathieu Babarit – Sup, Wave Ski
Sylvain Bazin – Trail
Sebastien Col – ESF Monitor
Yann Borgnet – Mountaineering
Cyril Faure – Freeride Ski
Julien Caquineau – Polar Guide
Christophe Boulanger – Firefighter / Trail
Sylvain Garcia – Fishing guide

Jonathan Lelievre – Mountain
Antonin Lieutaghi – Ski instructor, Evolution2 mountain bike
Jeff Mercier – Mountaineering
Teddy Palassy – Training and operational physical training
Alex Pittin – High mountain guide
Cédric Pugin – Freestyle skiing
Laurent Poublan – Canyoning
Mike Wolf – KiteSurf
Seb Jalon – Windsurf, Ski, Trail

Stephane Pion – Kayak
Nicolas Quéré – Enduro MTB
Kauli VAAST – Surf
Juliette Willmann – Freeride skiing
Matthieu Gentilhomme – Fishing guide
Antoine Bonnefille-Roualet – Trail
Richard Fura – Motocross
Laurent Daret – Trail
Sebastien N’Guyen Van – Trail


TREKKER-X4, a smartphone satisfying military standards (and Mike Horn)

The TREKKER-X4 has successfully passed the 12 tests performed to ensure compliance with MIL STD 810G military standards defined by the US Army. Tests were selected so as to reflect situations users are likely to experience when using their device. It has been also tested and approved by the adventurer and explorator Mike Horn!