What app should I choose on my CROSSCALL TREKKER-X4 smartphone to create my videos?


You must have noticed that your TREKKER-X4 smartphone TREKKER-X4 has two Photo/Video capture applications: the Camera app and the X-CAM app. So which one(s) should you choose and for what purpose(s)? CROSSCALL gives you their tips.

The X-CAM app

To create your immersive action videos we advise you to use the X-CAM app. It is completely dedicated to action video with its different angles : 88°, 110°, 140°, 170°, Fisheye.

It has enhanced anti-vibration Stabilisation and the Hyperstab technology on board which keeps your videos horizontal via analysing data from the gyroscope, a sensor to measure the phone’s movements.

The X-CAM also offers creative capture modes such as :

TIMELAPSE : lets you create a video via a series of photographs taken at regular intervals. Ideal for showing a flowering opening, the movement of the sun or the stars in the sky in a short amount of time.

DASHCAM : your smartphone continuously films. As such, you can save the last few minutes filmed when you want. Perfect for capturing an interesting movement or your latest catch !

SLOW MOTION : to film your activities at 120 frames per second.

The camera app

In normal, selfie or fisheye mode, use it for all your most wonderful outdoor photos. With its Large Pixel technology it will make your images high quality and brighter.

View your media files with the X-Gallery App and the Photos App to benefit from all the features of the TREKKER-X4.

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