TIP #3: write a text message hands-free!


Whether you are driving, in the middle of a rock climbing session or just a little lazy, thanks to the voice recognition technology built into Android phones, you can now write your text messages without even touching your smartphone!

Enabling voice input

To be able to dictate text, you must first enable voice input:

  • Go to “Settings” and then “Language and input”.
  • Tap “Current keyboard” and “Choose keyboards”.
  • Enable “Google voice input”
  • Open the SMS app.
  • Tap the microphone button on the right of the keyboard.
  • The message Speak Now will appear.
  • Clearly dictate your text.
  • If possible, avoid long sentences and complicated words that may not appear in the dictionary stored on your TREKKER-X3.
  • As you dictate, the text is automatically displayed on the screen.
  • Make corrections if necessary.
  • Tap Send.

The “OK GOOGLE” method

In addition to sending texts, this feature will allow you to perform various tasks with your voice (write an email, search the internet, get the weather, etc.).

  • On your TREKKER-X3’s home screen, you can see a microphone icon to the right of the Google search bar. Press it and say “Send SMS to (*the name of your contact*)”.
  • When you do this for the first time, Google will need to access the contacts stored in your device. Tap “Yes, I accept” to take advantage of this feature.
  • Clearly dictate your text message, making sure you make small pauses between each word.
  • Android’s voice recognition system automatically creates an SMS.
  • All you have to do is tap “Send”.

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