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A fan of outdoor sports and a fireman, Christophe is very active in trail-running and shares his passion on his blog, Wondertrail.fr. Back from the famous Marathon des Sables, a 250km run on food self-sufficiency at the heart of the Sahara desert, he shares his feedback on the use of his TREKKER-X3 throughout this intense experience.

How was your Marathon des Sables?

“It was good. I suffered the heat a bit with a few moments where the heat really hit me. Temperature differences are significant with some 42°C during the day and 10°C at night. It wasn’t easy to run in the sand and my mood was seriously challenged but it was well worth it as the landscape was just breathtaking, the atmosphere was great and I’m glad I was able to be part of it!”

How did you use your TREKKER-X3 during the run ?

“The telephone followed me all the way through the marathon and survived sandstorms! I was able to receive SMS’s by the marathon organisers who could send out information at any time during the run and for assistance purposes.

Every evening I would write articles to tell my experience of the “MDS” on the Wondertrail blog using my phone as a 4G router. During the day I was taking pictures to add to my articles. I would sometimes re-touch them with the Lightroom and Photoshop apps. Before going to sleep, I would check my emails and the many support messages that would re-boost me a little more for the day after!

Location services are not allowed during the marathon so I had downloaded the relevant map on the View Ranger app to locate myself easily. I was also checking the temperature and the altimetre to follow my own evolution with the X3-SENSORS.

As we were on self-sufficiency mode, I had brought a foldable sun battery which would ensure two full telephone charges.”

What’s your running plan for this season?

“I really like the “ultra” format so I will be taking part in various runs: the Ultra Marin in Bretagne, the Ultra Tour in Beaufortain, UT4M, UTAT in Morocco, les Hospitaliers and again another marathon in the desert in Tunisia with the Ultra Mirage.”


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