« We hardly recharged it in 7 days »



After several years in the Freeride World Qualifier, this freeskier has left competition skiing but is still a fan of outdoor sports. When he’s not ski-touring, he explores kite-surfing spots during his travels. The last to date was Tanzania with a programme that included climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, safari and kite-surfing in Zanzibar. His TREKKER-X3 was clearly a part of the trip and he told us how he used it.

Fred, tell us about your trip to Tanzania. Did you start by climbing mount Kilimanjaro ?

« Yes, it took 7 days to reach the 5900m. Getting to the summit is not complicated, with 4-to-6 hours’ walk every day on average, but the hardest part is getting used to altitude. We used the phone’s altimeter and barometer a lot with the X3-SENSORS app to check our progress and our fitness based on the altitude.

We used the GPS a little with the Maps.me app to locate ourselves against the top. We tried not to use too much of it as we only had one extra battery for the camera and phone. By being this careful we hardly recharged it in 7 days.

We also took photos and videos to capture our climbing experience. Indeed, the last day is really intense. You leave at night to get to the top at midday and you then walk back down for 7 hours to a base-camp at 3000m. Luckily temperatures were pretty mild but you can’t escape from tropical rain and very cold nights that sometimes get down to -10°C ! ».

Did you get any rest after Kilimanjaro ?

« We went on a safari for 4 days with some guides. There was quite some dust so it was better to have a waterproof phone to take pictures of animals. We then set off to Zanzibar to discover kite-surfing spots. For the first session we measured the water temperature with our phone and it was 35°C ! We especially enjoyed taking pictures and videos of fish while snorkelling.»

Why did you choose CROSSCALL?

« First of all for its battery! It’s really great to be able to fully enjoy your phone when you’re flying for 24 hours or when you’ve planned to go climbing for a few days. I also chose it for its resistance to water and sand. When we go on more complex kite-surfing trips it’s an element of extra safety in case of an emergency. Finally, I find it a nice-looking telephone and also you know it has nothing to fear. »


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