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X3 SENSORS: analyse your environment

CROSSCALL equipped the latest TREKKER-X3 with numerous sensors to analyse and understand any terrain, whether for a trip outdoors or a work assignment.


How can I get advice on CROSSCALL products?

If you’d like to have more information about Crosscall products, you can contact our customer service to get answers to all your questions. You can also consult the product pages and user manuals for our mobiles and smartphones.


Are your phones compatible with all operators?

Our phones come unlocked and are compatible with all mobile operators.

Is my SIM card compatible with CROSSCALL phones?

You can check if your SIM card is compatible with one of our mobiles or smartphones by referring to the technical specifications. If your SIM is not compatible, you can obtain a SIM card adapter, available in the Accessories section.

How can I be sure that CROSSCALL mobiles and smartphones are really waterproof and resistant?

CROSSCALL mobiles and smartphones comply with the IP67 or 68 standard which ensures total resistance to dust and liquids, for temporary or prolonged periods depending on the terminal and under normal use as recommended by the manufacturer. All our models have undergone strenuous waterproof and resistance tests to comply with these standards.

Where can I find information about product guarantees?

Information about guarantees can be found in our legal notice (FR)  https://content.crosscall.com//wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CGSAV-2016.pdf

Where can I find parts for your products?

We’ll soon start to sell parts in our online shop.

Why does the caller's name not display when they call me?

It’s very probable that your caller’s number has been saved in the 06xxxxxxxx format whereas the number calling is in the international +336xxxxxxxx format (or vice-versa). Simply save the number in the appropriate format.

I have sound problems on my waterproof CROSSCALL mobile

As our mobiles and smartphones are waterproof and also very often airtight, closing the battery cover may cause overpressure inside the phone. This overpressure can affect the membranes of the earpiece, microphone and speaker, reducing the amplitude of vibrations and the quality and amplitude of the sound. The solution is to open the USB/Jack Plug cover at least once, once you have closed the battery cover, to release the “overpressure” inside the phone.

My Crosscall mobile asks for a code to access some settings. Where can I find this code?

Depending on your model, the code is either “0000” or “1234”.

My operator is Coriolis or Leclerc (Reglo Mobile) and I can't send MMS. What should I do?

Just select the APN settings of your operator. Here is the way to proceed on our various models:

  • Discovery : Menu >> Messages >> 9 Message Parameter >> 2 Multimedia Message >> 1 Data Account, then select your operator.
  • Trendy : Menu >> Messages >> 8 Message Settings >> 2 Multimedia Message >> 1 Data Account, then select your operator.
  • Shark V2 : Menu >> Messages 8 >> Message Settings >> 2 Multimedia Message >>1 Data Account, then select your operator.
I can't read my SMS / MMS
We suggest you restore the factory settings of your phone by going to Menu / Settings / Restore factory settings / press 0000 / Restore settings and turn phone on again? We would additionally advise you to insert an SD card to provide extra memory.
How can I withhold my number?
Withholding a number is a parameter that depends on your operator. Dial “#31#” to activate or deactivate this option.
How to manage two calls on your SHARK-V2
You can take another call by pressing the “Call” (green key) key on your mobile. To shift from Call#1 to Call#2, press the “Call’ key, as with most mobiles on the market. End the call by pressing the “End Call” key (Red key)
I'm having difficulty with Bluetooth reconnection on Shark V2

The Shark Bluetooth is version 2.1. This version does not include automatic reconnection initiated from your mobile. Our tests have shown that automatic reconnection initiated by a vehicle’s Bluetooth system works correctly (if the phone’s Bluetooth is activated). The vehicle’s Bluetooth equipment should be a recent version which has the automatic Bluetooth scan and search function. If this is not the case, reconnection between the vehicle and your mobile will need to be done manually from your mobile or vehicle.

How can I withhold my telephone number with the SHARK-V2?

To withhold or display your number, go to the telephone application then to the menu via the key below and to the left of the display: Settings >> Voice call >> Other settings >> Caller number

How to reinitialise your Odyssey ?

To update your Crosscall Odyssey (ensure you have at least 30% battery charge):

  • 1. Save your data. The update will erase your personal information.
  • 2. Download the file located at this address: http://www.crosscall.com/docs/update/ODYSSEY3G-SW-ODYSSEY3G_V01_140521-201406.zip
  • 3. Unzip the file.
  • 4. Copy the folder “a18.v1” to the SD card root.
  • 5. Place the SD card in the Crosscall Odyssey.
  • 6.Launch the update by simultaneously pressing the “On/Off” and “Volume” buttons.
  • 7. You should see lines and percentages scrolling across the display. Wait for the update to finish.
  • 8. When the phone asks you to do so, press the “On/Off” button for several seconds to restart the phone. After changing the software:– You will need to reinstall your apps– It is possible you may need to reselect your APN code by going to “System Settings > More… > Mobile Networks > Access Point” and selecting your operator.


How can I contact the after sale service ?

You can contact our customer service and after-sales service via the dedicated webpage. Choose your country and complete the form or call the number provided on the right of the page.


My phone does not work anymore, what should I do ?

If you experience any problems with your mobile or smartphone, please contact Crosscall After-Sales Service by completing the form. You will be advised of the procedure to follow.