Xavier De Le Rue

Né le : 01/07/1979
Ville : Cap Breton


Xavier De Le Rue is a freerider from the Pyrenees and a legend in his discipline: twice World Boardercross Champion, multiple winner of the X-Games and three times World Freeride Champion. Today, his passion for the mountains and his taste for new challenges bring him to travel in Alaska or the Antarctic looking for ever steeper slopes. For this passionate outdoorsman, the smartphone is an integral part of his discipline and daily life.


Winner Freeride World Tour
2008, 2009, 2010

World Boardercross champion
2003, 2007

Runner-up in World Boardercross Championships

Multiple winner of the X-games

crosscall equipment

Xavier De Le Rue

Filmed in Alaska and revealed in preview by opening the High-Five Festival in Annecy 1 October 2015, the video launch the TREKKER-X2 carried by the legend of Snowboarding Freeride Xavier De Le Rue, Ambassador CROSSCALL

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