5 reasons to go for a truly waterproof smartphone


Outdoor activity fans, have you got more than one of your phones soaked? With each outing is it always the same headache of keeping your phone dry? Put a stop to all that and go for a waterproof smartphone!

Head off care free

You’re about to go on an outing in a damp environment or during a rainy period and every time it’s the same, you’re racking your brains looking for a way to protect your smartphone from a few drops of water. With the waterproof CROSSCALL, smartphones, you no longer need to worry about it! Small drops or massive waves, they withstand it all. All of our phones meet the IP67 or IP68, standards, which means that they are impervious to all solids and liquids. They can withstand temporary immersions (IP67) or extended ones (IP68) in both freshwater and salt water.

Follow your route wherever you are

At sea or along a river, find yourself wherever you are! Thanks to our waterproof smartphones and our accessories, keep your phone to hand, follow and track your route. For outings at sea, fishing and diving trips, stay on course via the Navionics app and its nautical charts. Equipped with a long battery life (up to 32 hours using 4G for the TREKKER-X4), CROSSCALL smartphones will be able to accompany you during all your activities, all day long.

* Pour l’achat d’un smartphone CROSSCALL TREKKER-X4, ACTION-X3 ou CORE-X3. Voir conditions sur le coupon.

J’en profite

Film your adventures on and under the water

During your trips, do you like to take a souvenir of the landscapes which surround you and share your “expeditions” with your friends and family? CROSSCALL smartphones let you take photos and videos on and under the water! The Touch-lock function lets you lock your screen and trigger your camera directly under the water, via your phone’s side button.

Outings with complete peace of mind

At sea or on a rainy trail run, it is important to be able to contact the emergency services in the event of a problem. Your mobile phone will be your best friend. Our smartphones are equipped with a programmable button which offers the option, with one press, of sending a predefined message with your GPS position to the contact of your choice.By choosing a waterproof smartphone, ensure your safety whatever environment you find yourself in. 

Show off your personality with a smartphone which looks like you

At work or during outdoor activities, the design of our phones suits everyday situations equally as well as it does more extreme ones. With CROSSCALL, go for a phone which looks like you! So, what will you go for: the TREKKER-X4, the ACTION-X3 or the CORE-X3 ?

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The ACTION-X5, Crosscall’s latest smartphone with built-in action cam has won a prestigious 2022 iF Design Award in the “Product Design” discipline, in the category of “Communication Devices”.