TIP #9: transfer your music from iOS to Android


Your favourite playlist is on your old iPhone and you want to transfer it to your new CROSSCALL* smartphone? This is how you do it!

Via the cloud

This solution is the simplest, the fastest and the most effective.

  • Install a “cloud” application on all of your devices: your old and new smartphone, as well as your computer. The point in having your data synchronised in the “cloud”, is to be able to save it on all your devices, whatever their operating system. There are numerous solutions such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  • Put your music onto the app, installed on one of your devices, and all the others will automatically synchronise!


A simple solution is to copy and paste your music files from your computer to your Android phone:

  • Connect your CROSSCALL smartphone to your computer.
  • Accept the “Transfer files (MTP)” option to transfer your multimedia content.
  • Copy your music into the “Music” folder of your CROSSCALL phone.
  • If you use iTunes, you will therefore find your music files in the “Music” > “iTunes” > iTunes Media” folder on your PC.

If you are used to using iTunes (on PC or Mac):

  • Install the “DoubleTwist Sync” software for free. It works like iTunes and makes importing your music to Android easier.
  • Import your music library in the software.
  • On your CROSSCALL smartphone, install the “DoubleTwist Player” application, available on the Play Store. By launching the application, the music will synchronise automatically.


  • First of all you must install the Android File Transfer software. It will allow for the communication and transfer of files between your Mac computer, developed in iOS, and your CROSSCALL smartphone developed in Android.
  • Then connect your Android CROSSCALL smartphone to your Mac and check that the USB connection is in “Transfer Files (MTP)” mode.
  • You can now “drag and drop” or search for files on your CROSSCALL smartphone.

*All the explanations were carried out with the CROSSCALL TREKKER-X3 model

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