TIP #11 : transfer your photos and videos from iOS to Android


All your photo and video memories are on your old iPhone and you want to transfer them to your new CROSSCALL smartphone? Several solutions are possible. Follow the guide!


Photos and videos are the only content from iPhones which you can easily access from a PC.

1. If your photos / videos are stored on your iPhone: Connect it to your PC and authorize the access.
2. Open the phone icon which appears in the file browser of your PC.
3. Simply copy and paste the files that you want to get into the DCIM folder of the iPhone.
4. You then need to paste the pictures and videos in the DCIM folder of the Android CROSSCALL smartphone’s file structure connected to the PC.


1. You will need an Android File Transfer type software programme in order to transfer photos and videos on your CROSSCALL smartphone.
2. When you connect it via USB to your computer, check that it is configured in “Transfer Files (MTP)” mode.


1. Install a “Cloud” application on all of your devices: your old and new smartphone, as well as your computer. The point in having your data synchronised in the “cloud”, is to be able to save it on all your devices, whatever their operating system. There are numerous solutions such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. The iCloud solution developed by Apple can also be installed on PC, but you can only synchronise contacts, calendars, notifications and emails. For the rest, you will need to download one or several specific applications within the Play Store, either free or paid ones.

2. Put your photos and videos onto the app, installed on one of your devices, and all the others will automatically synchronise!

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