Sébastien Carbillet

City : Gap


From Toulouse, Sébastien is a sport addict. Junior French vice champion of triathlon, he tried rubgy integrating the training center of Section Paloise.
When he was 20, he started skydiving, a family tradition. Quickly, he becomes one of the best skydivers and in 2006, he integrated the “Groupe France” in Gap-Tallard. He has jumped 10 000 times at least.

Track record

Runner up in the French National championship, combined
2013, 2011

Ranked 2nd overall in the French National tournament for precision landing (PL) and 3rd for acrobatics

crosscall equipment

Sébastien Carbillet

Equiped with a Crosscall parachute, Sébastien Carbillet kicked off the famous MTB race During the Roc d’Azur of 2016, jumping from a helicopter in the air. His co-pilot was the famous athlete Luc Alphand.