How do I export videos created with the X-CAM app of my TREKKER-X4?


You’ve captured all your memories with your TREKKER-X4 smartphone’s Action Cam and now you want to share them. To do this, you will need to export your videos.

Why do I need to export the videos created by the X-CAM app of my TREKKER-X4 before being able to share them?

The videos that you capture with your TREKKER-X4 smartphone via the dedicated X-CAM app are automatically saved in your X-GALLERY photo library.  At this stage, they are stored in a raw format. They have not been processed by the application’s algorithms yet and only the X-GALLERY reader is capable of playing a video captured directly with the X-CAM app.

To be able to manage and share your videos, we suggest you export them first.

  1. Go into your X-GALLERY.
  2. Select your media file by pressing down on it, a black banner appears.

Note that at this stage two export solutions are open to you:

  1. Click on SHARE  

    If you click on “Share”, the media file will automatically be exported and will be available in your Google photo gallery, from where you can share it with your friends and family, your social networks or on Cloud applications.

  2. Click on “Create an X-STORY“. You can then:
  1. Choose the orientation of your media file from between Portrait or Landscape.
  2. Add another media file.
  3. Add an audio file (original included in the application or personal from the SD card).
  4. Cut or edit your file.
  5. Click on Finish X-STORY. Then you just need to wait.

Once the X-STORY is finished, it appears in your Google Photos application.

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