To help you keep peace in this time of confinement, our ambassadors want to share with you their favourite songs for dancing, relaxing or exercising. Mike Horn, Cédric Gracia, Marion Haerty, Aurélien Ducroz, Isabeau Courdurier, Romain Desgranges, Edouard Delpero, Juliette Willmann, Jeff Mercier… will you be able to guess the songs that they have chosen?

Sweet Morning Playlist

  1. Marion Haerty‘s song:
    The Pirate’s Gospel – Alela Diane
  2. Aurélien Ducroz‘s song:
    Inside and out – Feist
  3. Edouard Delpero‘s song:
    Kumbaya – Jacob Banks
  4. Isabeau Courdurier‘s song:
    Africa – Toto
  5. Juliette Willmann‘s song:
    Freaky Feedback Blues – Benji Hughes
  6. Mike Horn‘s song:
    Brother on the slide – Cymande
  7. Jeff Mercier‘s song:
    Prayer loop song – Supaman
  8. Romain Desgranges‘s song:
    Every breaking wave – U2
  9. Cédric Gracia‘s song:
    Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z

Sport Playlist

  1. Romain Desgranges‘s song:
    Lose yourself – Eminem
  2. Isabeau Courdurier‘s song:
    It’s raining men – The weather girl
  3. Juliette Willmann‘s song:
    Believe – Cher
  4. Marion Haerty‘s song:
    Nekfeu – Oya Kaya
  5. Mike Horn‘s song:
    Ain’t no mountain high enough – Marvin Gaye
  6. Edouard Delpero‘s song:
    Unholy war – Jacobs Banks
  7. Jeff Mercier‘s song:
    Yotto – Fire Walk
  8. Cédric Gracia‘s song :
    Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild

Chill Playlist

  1. Juliette Willmann‘s song :
    You’re somebody else – Flora Cash
  2. Marion Haerty ‘s song :
    Cuatro Vientos – Danit (Rey & Kjavik Remix)
  3. Edouard Delpero ‘s song :
    Higher – Tash Sultana
  4. Cédric Gracia ‘s song :
    No Eyes – Claptone
  5. Isabeau Courdurier ‘s song :
    My love is your love – Whitney Houston
  6. Aurélien Ducroz ‘s song :
    Mistral gagnant – Renaud
  7. Mike Horn ‘s song :
    Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  8. Romain Desgranges ‘s song :
    Interstellar main theme – Hans Zimmer

Happy Hour Playlist

  1. Aurélien Ducroz‘s song:
    70s 80s – Nightmares on wax
  2. Edouard Delpero‘s song:
    Woman – Joel Culpepper
  3. Jeff Mercier‘s song:
    Summer came my way- Greg Wilson feat the Reynolds
  4. Juliette Willmann‘s song:
    Wooho – H.O.S.H. feat Ost & Kjex
  5. Isabeau Courdurier‘s song:
    Ma quale idea – Pino D’angio
  6. Marion Haerty‘s song:
    Candide crush – Therapie Taxi
  7. Cédric Gracia‘s song:
    Shakedown at night – Purple Disco Machine
  8. Mike Horn‘s song:
    Poker face – Lady Gaga

Saturday Night Fever Playlist !

  1. Isabeau Courdurier ’s song:
    I’m so excited – The Pointer Sisters
  2. Aurélien Ducroz ’s song:
    Don’t stop me now – Queen
  3. Mike Horn ’s song:
    Baila morena – Zucchero
  4. Juliette Willmann’s song:
    Otra vez – Justin Quiles
  5. Marion Haerty ’s song:
    Cumbia sobre el mar – Quantic
  6. Romain Desgranges ’s song:
    Dear jalousy – Mika
  7. Edouard Delpero ’s song:
    Wine & Kotch – Charly Black
  8. Cédric Gracia ’s song:
    Losing it – Fisher

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