TIP #14: make your apps hibernate


Although CROSSCALL smartphones have greater autonomy than the average smartphone, you can always optimise your battery by identifying the most energy-consuming apps. Because even if you thought you have closed all your apps in the „Task Manager“, some continue to operate in the background. Putting them in „hibernation“ with the Greenify app lets you stop them completely, even when your smartphone is on standby.


1. Download Greenify from your CROSSCALL smartphone’s Play Store.
2. When you launch it the first time, tap „My device IS NOT rooted“ to indicate that your CROSSCALL smartphone is not rooted*.
3. Then, the application will ask you for a series of permissions and settings.
4. If you use a locking scheme or a PIN on a daily basis to unlock your smartphone, a „Screen Lock Compatibility” window will appear. Tap „Yes, I use it daily” and proceed with the next step.
5. If you do not use a locking scheme or PIN, „Screen lock settings” is normally already enabled.
6. Tap „Setting“, in the „Accessibility Service“ section.
7. Select „Greenify – Automated Hibernation“.
8. Then tap “OK” to enable the accessibility service.
9. Go back and tap „Setting“ in the „Device-admin permission” section
10. Here, you need to tap “Enable” to allow Greenify to lock your screen after automatically making your apps hibernate.
11. Once you have confirmed all the permission settings, tap „Next“.
12. Finally, configure the „Smart Hibernation“ mode by tapping „Grant Permission“, and enable the Greenify app to allow access to usage data. This will enable monitoring of your app’s energy consumption and your use frequency.
13. Go back twice, and tap „Finish“.


1. You are now on the app’s „home page“. Tap on the “+” logo (bottom right). Greenify will analyse the most energy-consuming apps and classify them.
2. The apps are then listed as follows: „Apps running in the background”, „Apps that may slow down the device” and in the “More” section, you can select „Show more apps“.
3. Select the apps you want to make hibernate and tap the „Zzz“ icon to start hibernation. Once the app is frozen, it can no longer connect to the network and send you notifications or updates. For example, for social networks and instant messaging, you will no longer receive notifications for the arrival of a new message. In this way, you will save your internet time and your battery. Results will vary, of course, depending on your use, but you can gain an extra hour of battery life. Which is not negligible, especially during an outdoor outing.
4. Some apps may appear in the „No need to hibernate” category. If you want to force an app to hibernate, tap on the latter. A green banner will appear and click the „Zzz“ icon again.
5. Waking up an app couldn’t be easier. You simply launch it again by tapping on it.
6. You can create a hibernation shortcut by tapping the three dots at the top right and selecting “Create a hibernation shortcut”.
7. Select „Hibernate + lock.“ or „Hibernate now“.

*CROSSCALL does not allow rooting of your smartphone or your mobile phone’s operating system.


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